Evrim Aldatmacası

2005 yılının Kasım ayında, Beverly Hills İslam Merkezi, okullarda “Yaratılış Gerçeği”nin okutulması yönündeki taleplerini içeren bir mektubu ABD senatörlerine, hükümet üyelerine ve çeşitli kuruluşlara gönderip, geniş çaplı bir tanıtım kampanyası başlattı.

Merkez yetkilileri mektuplarında, bu yönde bir faaliyete başlamadan önce mutlaka Harun Yahya’nın Evrim Aldatmacası isimli kitabının ve bu kitaptan faydalanılarak hazırlanan belgesellerin izlenmesi gerektiği yönünde bir uyarıda da bulundular.


In 1850, Darwin published his book Origin of Species, proposing that all species were created by initial cell in the ocean, which was created spontaneously (like larva on spoil meat), then becoming fish, then evolving to reptile, then birds, then monkey and then mankind. Darwin”s theory was discarded based on the following facts:

Darwin proposed Origin of Species could be from nothing like larva growing on a spoiled piece of meat or frogs growing out of swap. Karl Marx, the father of communism, dedicated his book The Capital to Darwin because Origin of Species was very crucial to Marx”s Godless Society.

In 1860, Pasteur proved Darwin was wrong and larva grows on meat because flies deposit their eggs on meat. The eggs that flies deposited makes larva. If one cooks the meat and takes out the air, the meat will stay for a long time. Nowadays, we preserve meat in can food for a long time. Now, we know that nothing will grow out of nothing. No one has been able to produce a living cell to this date. The chance of a living cell with such a complicated structure being formed out of substance from earth by chance is similar to the chance that a tornado going through a junkyard to make a 747 jet from the existing metal.

In 1952, DNA structure was discovered. The possibility of these thousands of amino acid molecules formation by chance is not reasonable. There must be Intelligent Designer (God) that has produced and organized the DNA structure in a cell and in all God”s creatures.

Natural Selection

Darwin proposed the first cell was formed in the ocean by chance. Then, it evolved over millions of years and became a fish. Then, when the lake dried out, it came out on the desert like a lizard. And, then, gradually learned how to fly and became a bird. And, then it became other animals including monkeys, apes and human beings. To prove his hypothesis, he said giraffes survived because they developed a long neck to enable them to eat leaves from higher level. Therefore, he concluded that animals gradually developed longer necks to survive. Hence, the famous phrase "Survival of the Fittest". Another example he cites is when bears went to rivers for food, they evolved into whales. But, why many species like horses, tigers and lions never changed? Intelligent Design says God created many species and some died due natural causes or became extinct like dinosaurs. Some others were created again. Natural Selection will never cause creation of insects with fluorescent light.

In the last 150 years, evolutionist, Darwinists and other secular scientists have tried to prove Darwin theory and disprove God and Intelligent Design but without success.


A group of secular scientists tried to prove mutation may have caused evolution. But, their research did not produce anything but a group of lame and disfigured animals. Although mutation is very true in bacteria and virus, and causes antibiotic resistant bacterial infection but has nothing to do with evolution of animals.

Fossil Records

If fishes became reptiles and reptiles became birds over millions of years. We must find millions of fossil sample of transitional species. So far none has been found except few that was proven to be fraudulent later. Fossil from 100-150 million years ago shows same species as today, like flies, turtles, birds, sharks, etc.

Darwin says missing link is when last ape became first human then different species of man was evolved. Intelligent Design says human was created by God and sent to earth for a test to see if man would obey God or not when he is free to decide. And, if man chooses to obey God, he will go to paradise on the Day of Judgment.

What do we do now?

Darwinism and Evolution is only theory taught in our schools today as a science!!! These secular scientists mislead our 13-year-old children by presenting evolution as a fact and only option.  Intelligent Design has no place in our school. We must campaign to change that.

First please review the series of video called "Collapse of Evolution" at www.TAHA.co.uk. Once you get educated, then start complaining to your Congressmen and Senators to add Intelligent Design theory to school curriculum. Please remember 80% of American people who believe in God will support your effort. Please reply. Let”s get organized.